Spiritual blocks: mind

Spiritual blocks: mind

Do you feel stuck and”stuck” although you practice regularly and diligently (e.g. energy work, meditation, consciousness work, mindfulness, constellations, satsang etc). Every serious and constant spiritual practice brings”tangible” results, so that we become freer, more open, more loving, more peaceful, etc. in everyday life. If these results are missing, either the practice is not consistent/regular enough, the practice is not the right one or is wrong or there is a blockage.


The blockages can be on different levels. Regarding the mind level, one can say that the greatest blockage is the identification with thinking. It has the effect that we perceive ourselves as separate thinkers instead of dwelling in our true nature.


On the mind level, we find thoughts, ideas, concepts, beliefs, etc. You could say that they form the templates through which life force / energy is filtered and then creates an “image” of solid matter. This is of course very simply expressed …


When we perceive without filters / templates / overlays, we are in the pure Being: without judgments, without separation. Then everything is perfect as it is. This is the liberated state in which we all long back, that is the “home” where we are one with ourselves and the world, or everything is already one. Then we no longer have the nagging feeling that something is missing.


It is important to recognize: the liberated state is ONLY beyond thinking / templates. To reprogram negative thoughts into positive ones is certainly a noticeable improvement, yet we remain at the level of thinking, which can repeatedly tip over from good to bad. By reprogramming we create a positive template … but it is still just a template and does not liberate us, because the pendulum in the duality repeatedly changes, this is the nature of things, or if an obstacle is cleared out of the way, the next appears …..


The saying: “I think so I am” is not true. The Being that I AM is there before the thoughts arise. The thoughts appear in a vast space of being that we normally do not perceive only because we do not explore it, but focus only on the content of the thought. However, our identification with the thinking-the feeling that I am my thinking-causes us to remain trapped in the duality and in the sense of being a separate individual. Specifically, identification with thinking means thinking that thoughts are true, paying attention to them, believing them and believing them to be true and feeling and acting accordingly.

So the solution is to solve the fixation of thinking, which acts like a hypnosis.

Exercise: Release yourself from thinking

  • Breathe deeply in and out. Follow the breath with your attention during its on and off movement
  • Stay with your breath until you are completely calm inside
  • Center your attention then in the heart room
  • Now, wait for the next thought and observe how it appears, with the attention in the heart. You can perceive from there. It is completely unimportant WHAT the next thought says, whether it is a positive, negative or other thought. The content is not interesting. But watch HOW / WHERE the thought arises.
  • Can you perceive the space in which the thought appears? Are you your thinking? Explore, perceive … are you the thinker? Or does IT think in you? What is this space in which thoughts emerge?


This is not an exercise that can be done quickly quickly. It’s a real exploration and going into depth!