101 of being grounded

101 of being grounded

Inspired by a comment on body blockages, I would like to write something about grounding. What do we mean by grounding? In simple terms, this is the relation between the spirit and the earthly, and primarily the physical body. In the absence of grounding, simply formulated, the contact between mind and body / soul is weakened. A part of the consciousness has withdrawn too much into the mind (ideas, ideas, thoughts, virtual worlds etc) and maybe even encapsulated in a “dream world” with too little contact with the material being. Without grounding we can do nothing and stay in stagnation.


What symptoms may indicate lack of grounding?

  • feeling like floating in a balloon
  • feeling to lose touch with reality (attention, if this occurs intensively, it may be necessary to consult a therapist)
  • lack of physical awareness feeling
  • to stand beside oneself
  • Cold feet and feeling not related to the floor
  • Conceptions and ideas do not correspond to the lived reality
  • To “get nothing baked” on earth, to fantasize, to get lost in daydreams
  • Unrealistic ideas and misjudgements regarding duration, abilities, effort etc. and the refusal to check reality
  • You believe/know that you are descended from another planet/plane of being and do not belong in the world.
Grounding may be temporarily lost or chronically absent.

Temporary loss of grounding

Causes: Stress, overburdenedness, too much mental employment (eg for examinations / examinations, writing, research etc), grief and loss, strokes of fate, life changes (relocation, children leave the house, divorce, new job etc) Accidents and easier traumatic experiences who heal themselves.
If the grounding has only been temporarily lost, it can usually be easily restored by suitable measures. It is more complex if the grounding is chronically lost. At the center of the grounding is the physical body. CONTACT is the magic word, i.e. to restore contact between mind and matter.
What helps to ground:
  • out into nature, without ifs and buts, there is no substitute for nature
  • run barefoot
  • gardening
  • sit on the forest floor or under a tree
  • hug a tree
  • Move, feel the body, do sports, swimming, yoga, martial arts etc.
  • Do simple work in the house: rinsing, cleaning, weeding, cleaning etc.
  • Feel the body consciously again via the breath. Consciously inhale and exhale, follow the breath into the body and perceive it
  • Taking care of plants or animals
  • petting an animal
  • Switch off your computer, mobile phone, TV, etc., put away books and do something in nature: Hiking, mountain tour, canoeing, cycling etc.
  • to formulate the clear intention:”From now on I will engage again in the earthly and say yes to life”
  • enter times in the calendar and adhere to them: reserve for walks in nature, cuddles with the beloved, conversations with your loved ones, etc. Mobile phone / Facebook / PC / TV is taboo during these times.
  • massages, sauna, Kneipp treatments
  • allow feelings (read here)
  • touch your own body, massage, dance
  • Adopting, appreciating and loving the body no matter what it looks like and whether healthy or ill
  • Dealing with the worldly concerns that you postponed
  • Make a reality check: take stock of how you live your life, where do you imagine something and lie to yourself? Where is it still missing with the earthly implementation? Where do you lack perseverance and consequence? Where is it with daydreams or virtual experiences instead of realization and real confrontation in the earthly?
  • Also do a reality check regarding your spirituality: do you want to be loving, bright, peaceful and wise etc? Do your ACTIVITIES also correspond to these values ​​or are they just ideas in your head? We are on earth for concept and earthly expression to be ONE. Take each evening for a daily balance: “how were my actions today? Do you mirror my values? “
  • The often recommended visualization, to connect via the feet with the earth, I consider only limited sense. Why? Because it is an idea in the head and often goes too short by allowing us to continue to be theoretically “lifted off”, except that we now have the feeling, “Hey, I’m going to ground myself everyday.” Instead, it’s in my view more effective to do something “tangible” with the body and to feel it. But should you experience it differently and this visualization really helps you, then please stay with it … what works is “right”.



Chronic or recurring absence of grounding


Causes: traumas, lost soul shares or the refusal to engage in earthly life.


Each of these causes may already be brought from an earlier life or may have been acquired in this incarnation. If one or more of these causes are present to you, they must be resolved before the above measures can take effect! In other words, if you have a problem with your grounding over and over again, you can assume that something needs to be healed here.


1.Traumata: here you can read about trauma treatment


2.Lost soul parts:


there are several reasons why soul parts are lost:


  • trauma: the most important reason why parts of the soul are lost
  • moving: a part remains in a place that one has reluctantly left, also former jobs or places where one was often and felt happy, house of childhood etc.
  • Shares with close family members and ex/partners: we exchange soul parts with people we love. It is often the case that, although we are grown up, parts of us are still with our parents and vice versa. Expartners can also have soul parts from us in the energy field and vice versa.
  • accidents
  • operations
  • birth: if the birth was fast, rash or traumatic, or also with C-section, it can be that not all soul parts”came along” and in that case they are still in the belly of the mother
  • Pregnancy: if the pregnancy was strained, it may be that not all soul parts of the baby could be”assimilated”.


It is essential to retrieve the lost soul parts to effect real grounding. Often help from an experienced healer is necessary. If trauma is involved, I recommend to find an experienced and competent trauma therapist who works holistically and involves body, soul and spirit. Energy work can be sufficient for all other forms of soul loss and is often part of my work in my practice.


3. The refusal to get involved in life:


Basically, lack of grounding always indicates a “no” to life, which can manifest in many facets, but basically has to do with devaluation and contempt:

  • feeling that you are not from this planet and would (soon) be picked up again
  • Rejection of parents, ancestry and ancestors
  • Self-hatred and self-judgment
  • Feeling sublime / better / superior / chosen / being special and life / circumstances / people are somehow inferior
  • Presentation everything would have to happen according to one’s own will and fundamentally do not want to be classified
  • in life Rebellion against the divine as a power struggle and a fundamental refusal attitude
  • To believe that end-time fantasies and such prophecies are true and then align themselves to the meaning “it does not matter anyway, the end is coming soon …”


What can you do when you realize that you have a more fundamental no to life:


  • Become aware of all patterns and beliefs in you that have to do with superiority and being chosen.
  • Reconcile with parents, background and ancestors (a family constellation can help you)
  • Heal the injured inner child (good literature is available)
  • Forgive yourself and others deeply, no one has done anything wrong
  • Watch how you use devaluation and contempt for yourself and others. Cure self-hatred and free yourself from judgement
  • Practice self-love and love for all beings
  • Practice modesty
  • Bow down to life every day and make the clear decision to accept it now, even if you don’t know how. The HOW will gradually reveal itself to you when your intent is pure
  • Do something for others, be generous to do a good deed every day
  • Familiarize yourself with the principle of service.
  • Be a servant for the supreme good of creation, even if you do not know how to do that, your clear intention is everything that is necessary, the way then shows itself.
  • Express yourself creatively with painting, singing, writing, dancing, pottery etc.
  • Consciously deal with the subject of power and powerlessness. What are you really rebelling against? Who really has power over you?
  • Stand up instead of dodging. What is in your life, what have you put off, what do you avoid with this refusal attitude?


Perhaps you would like to get support for this, because we are often”blessed” with some blind spots on these topics. But it is important that you tackle it, even a small step in the right direction brings movement and is a step to the YES. To sum up: if you frequently/chronically lack the grounding, first fix the deeper causes and then implement the general tips listed above (What helps to ground)


DISCLAIMER Important: everything described here corresponds to my personal experience and can NOT replace a medical diagnosis or therapy! Please contact your doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist if you have any questions about illnesses and obtain information on the Internet or by means of specialist literature. Always take personal responsibility for your physical and mental health! I follow my tips at my own risk.