My work

I’ll help you:


* To come into harmony with life as it unfolds in every moment

* To accept yourself and everything you are

* To recognize your true self

* To identify and let go of beliefs and concepts that no longer serve you

* To see and let go of illusions

* To discover the neutral observer in you

* To recognize and become free of shadows and taboos

* To find reconciliation in relationships, family, work and other areas

* To live your potential

* To stop projecting on others

* To be authentic, honest and free

* To find inner peace, no matter what happens around you

* To recognize your vocation and live it

* To unconditionally take personal responsibility for your life and affairs


I offer you:


* a neutral, loving, all accepting space

* openness and presence

* my core competencies: empathy, clear knowledge, clear feeling, witnessing awareness and see truth at various levels

* the ability to recognize the heart of a matter clearly and quickly


I use energy work, constellation work, self-exploration, awareness, mindfulness, intuition, meditation, coaching and Non-Duality with divine grace acting in all of these.


Many people know about my work with angels. What are angels? They are simply universal qualities such as light, love, wisdom, joy, etc. In “working with angels” these pure forms of energy are “used”,  which are part of our true nature. Angels are not outside of us, but qualities of our true self.


In short, I will support you as you take the path from the head to the heart, or as it is also expressed, the path from ego to true self.


You can choose from several options:

* one or more individual sessions

* a 9 month coaching intensive

* a seminar

* a spiritual journey


Whichever you choose, it is a great pleasure and honor to work with you and I am present for you with full attention, love and dedication.