What are the seraphim?

What are the seraphim?

How do you insert an image that matches the seraphim? An insoluble task ? Maybe you amuse yourself about my selection…I am doing it right now anyway!


That’s exactly why there’s so little information about seraphim: because you can’t basically describe, say or show NOTHING ? I’m still trying my best ?


You’ve probably heard the name Seraphim before. And that they are “angels”. But what’s up with them ?! Again and again I tirelessly point out that angels are nothing outside of us, but energy qualities of our higher self (the I AM). The high self of all people is equal and manifests itself as the universal qualities of love, light, wisdom, silence, etc. Thus, one can say that when we perceive angels, we perceive our universal proportions / forms of energy. We are all light, love, wisdom, etc.


These higher levels of being are often not conscious to us or reveal themselves to us only gradually. Not EVERY extrasensory, clairvoyant, clairsentient perception has to do with the higher dimensions….there are many invisible realms that we can perceive extrasensory. Discrimination is necessary to distinguish the more refined, subtler levels of being from the more physical ones.


Also in the higher dimensions there are vibration differences = denser and less dense planes. Considered by the example of angels, guardian angels are denser than archangels and these in turn are denser than the Elohim. The more subtle the angels are, the more difficult it is to describe them. Already the Elohim are pure energy and appear completely formless, but the seraphim are still “more intangible” to the mind.


So if someone should channel (verbose) texts from the seraphim or perceive detailed images of them, it can be assumed from my experience that the person perceives a different “energy” than the Seraphim. Because the Seraphim are pure light/fire, which is a state of being and not an OBJECT that can be seen. In fact, it can be said that the Seraphim are the FIRST manifestation that emerges from the void of the primordial ground. There are other names for it: I AM, I Am, I-I. It all points to the same.


I had my first experience of Seraphim in 2015, but at that time I didn’t know what it was all about. It is an experience of pure light, which is not seen, but only as one can experience/know/recognise oneself. It’s hard to describe. This “white, knowing fire” dissolves the separated I either quickly or bit by bit. That is why it is “not without” to be in contact with the Seraphim. From the experience of the Seraphim, there is nothing to say, no message, nothing. It is PURE, undivided BEING, the existence of everything.


Are you ready to wake up? Ready for your I to dissolve and for you to be all of existence?