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Spiritual blocks: Body

Spiritual blocks: Body

Do you have the feeling of being stuck and “not getting ahead”, although you practice regularly and diligently (e. g. energy work, meditation, consciousness work, mindfulness, constellations, satsang etc.). Every serious and constant spiritual practice brings “tangible” results in such a way that we become more free, open, loving, peaceful, etc. in our daily lives. If these results are missing, either the practice is not consistent/regular enough or there is a blockade.


The blockages can be on different levels. Today I would like to talk about the most important blockages on the body level that can hinder spiritual progress. Many people don’t automatically start looking for blockages in the body when it comes to spiritual concerns. Nevertheless, our highest consciousness has to be BODY, which means that the body has to be permeable enough. Often the body hangs behind and blocks progress, because everything is connected and becomes free, so to speak.



If you still have amalgam in your mouth, please remove everything professionally and remove the mercury afterwards. Find a dentist who cares about the subject and can give you good advice. Of course, you can also consult a non-medical practitioner for help. If you don’t have any amalgam in your mouth, but you haven’t had enough of it after the removal, make sure to do so now. I have a few clients who have made great strides after removal and elimination of the amalgam, while before, despite intensive effort and regular practice, nothing went on and the clients were spinning in circles.


However, amalgam is only one element, there are many other toxins that accumulate in the body. EVERYBODY should exercise a method of detoxification regularly, as we are exposed to countless stresses and strains these days. There are many different methods of detoxification and you can choose one or more to suit you and feel right. Examples are: Fasting, lemon juice cure, skin brushes, alkaline baths, oil pulling, drinking 5 glasses of water in the morning and eating something after 45 minutes, sauna, breathing exercises, zeolite, drops or tea for liver/kidney and lymph etc., after 45 minutes. The list can be extended at will. On the Internet you will find a lot of information about detoxification and you will surely find the right thing for you. Let your intuition guide you and apply one or more suitable methods regularly! The key here is consistency and continuity.




More and more people are suffering from intolerances, but often do not even know it. Germany lags very far behind in the enlightenment and often even doctors do not yet know so well. There is much more information in English on the Internet. The most common symptoms of intolerance to food are those in the digestive tract, but there are many other symptoms that are not related to it and the gastrointestinal tract is not always affected.


 Which symptoms MAY indicate intolerances:
  • diarrhoe, abdominal pain, irritable bowel, flatulence, heartburn
  • Migraine, headache, tension in the neck and shoulder area
  • Depression, negative thinking, mood swings
  • concentration problems, ADHD,
  • aggression, anxiety, mood swings
  • Lack of energy, fatigue despite sufficient sleep, noticeable tiredness after eating
  • Water retention in the body and/or face
  • runny nose, breathing problems, asthma,  itching, eczema
  • joint pain


Of course, not all of these symptoms need to occur, there may be just one from the list, e. g. migraine or ADHD etc..


Possible incompatibilities are: Lactose, fructose, histamine, salicylates, gluten. The symptoms often appear within a few hours after consumption.


However, there are many conventional foods such as wheat (without gluten intolerance), milk and milk products (without lactose intolerance), eggs, soybeans, peanuts, chocolate, maize, yeast etc. which cause problems but remain undetected because the reaction can be delayed up to 36 hours. This is then called “food intolerance not mediated by IgE”. It’s not an allergy.


You can either test it out by testing whether you feel better without it (with the help of body intelligence and intuition you can often even come to grips with it) or have a blood test performed by the doctor or alternative practitioner on “non-IgE-mediated food intolerances”. Unfortunately, you have to pay this test yourself, but it will be tested around the 90 foods. For example, the lab performs all immuno tests; the doctor or HP will send in the blood sample for them. It may well be that other labs are performing this test as well. If you know another lab, please write down in the comments below 😉


IMPORTANT: Of course, all of the above mentioned symptoms may have completely different causes and, if necessary, consult a doctor. I am only interested in making the subject of intolerance more widely known, because you can do countless past life regression, energy works and meditations, all of which are of no use if the anxiety/migraines/depressive mood etc. comes from a food that disrupts our body chemistry and we eat it all the time. From my experience, it helps: to leave out, change your diet and then fix your gut.


Personally, I don’t think that people have to tolerate normal foods such as wheat or milk, for example. It is known that wheat, for example, was genetically modified about 60 years ago and there may well be a connection to the incompatibilities that are more frequent nowadays. Spelt is often better tolerated, unless of course there is a gluten sensitivity.


Problems can also arise from the widespread use of additives, flavourings, sweeteners and preservatives. Leave it out and cook and bake yourself. Sensitive and highly sensitive children and adults are particularly often affected by intolerances. In children with ADHD, it is essential to also skip sugar. (Advice of a holistic paediatrician)


Important: In this case, you have to fix your gut. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Afterwards, the food is often tolerated again. If you have several incompatibilities, read up on the subject of leaky gut.



1. recognize food intolerances

2. cut out all intolerable foods

3. fix the gut




From my point of view, it’s a myth that we receive all the nutrients and vital substances via nutrition and instead many people can benefit from it if they take food supplements! If the body has a deficiency, it experiences this as stress, because many functions cannot run smoothly, which then leads to further compensation mechanisms, illnesses and energy wear. We wouldn’t expect from a car either,  to work well without enough oil, petrol, etc. In my experience the body breathes a sigh of relief when it finally gets everything it needs and then balances itself out with far-reaching positive consequences for body, soul, spirit and our spiritual development.


There are a lot of controversial discussions about this topic and I keep wondering with what vehemence and sometimes aggression it is discouraged to take supplements and what is the intention behind that? It is interesting to note that the mainstream media are leading the way in “demonisation”. (general tip: don’t believe everything that is said in newspapers and television.) On the other hand, there are many reports of people who have become healthier, more efficient and happier on all possible levels simply by taking vitamins, etc. My motto is: I follow my intuition and try it out myself and quickly feel whether/what is good for my body and how long, instead of following a teaching opinion or the mainstream media.


In summary, you can say: you do NOT need supplements if ALL the following points apply to you:


  • You take at least 5 large portions of fruit, vegetables and lots of green vegetables every day.
  • You eat organic, regional and seasonal
  • You eat a very varied and balanced diet
  • You live in the countryside and you spend a lot of time in nature
  • You have no stress
  • You chew very well
  • Your gut is healthy and can digest everything well
  • You cook and bake everything yourself and don’t eat any packaged food ( this way you don’t take any colourings, preservatives, flavours and additives)

If not all points apply to you, inform yourself.


These supplements are great:

  • OPC: a powerful antioxidant
  • VITAMIN D: Essentially important! Is actually a hormone; it means that about 70-80% of all Germans have vitamin D deficiency (especially from October to April, but also in the summer when we don’t come out much). Please inform yourself comprehensively. My personal experience is that it should be taken in high doses and then shows effect after only a few days. For high doses of vitamin D it is essential to take vitamin K with you! Among other things, vitamin D lifts the mood and ensures that the body can use calcium.
  • VITAMIN K, important for bones. It ensures that calcium is deposited in the bones.
  • VITAMIN C: a powerhouse and powerful antioxidant, a real all-rounder and important for everyone; in liposomal form, it is absorbed best due to its high bioavailability, which can be important in the case of (serious) diseases, since it works similarly directly as an infusion. My personal experience is that high doses are very effective (see also Linus Pauling)
  • ALGEN: Spirulina, Chlorella etc. for detoxing
  • COENZYM Q10: a true miracle product for the supply of cells and antioxidant
  • OMEGA 3: absolutely important fatty acid, it is assumed that 70-80% of the fat is deficient.
  • ALL B VITAMINS, B12 especially for vegetarians /vegans, B vitamins comprising important for the body
  • SELEN: important for thyroid and antioxidant, many have a selenium deficiency, as in Germany, the soil is deficient of Selen
  • IRON, COPPER, ZINC: comprehensively important for various bodily functions
  • CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, KALIUM: Comprehensively important for many body functions
  • VITAMIN A: immune defense, eyes etc
  • VITAMIN E: strong antioxidant
  • MSM: a true miracle cure and all – rounder, for inflammations of all kinds, joint pain etc

However, it is crucial to take HIGH-QUALITY products with the best bioavailability, which contain as few fillers and additives as possible. You can, of course, ask your doctor or healing practitioner to do a blood count to check the level of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. You have to pay for this yourself.


As 4th additional supporting element: MOVEMENT


Yes, sometimes it is also simple and you just have to get into movement yourself, so that everything flows again. So get up from that cozy  couch and move that beautiful body.


As I said, you will find a lot of information on many good and serious sites and forums on the internet.


Both, an intolerance and a lack of nutrients (such as vitamin D) can lead to symptoms that can act like a change of nature (e. g. depressive mood, restlessness, aggression etc.), where we can analyze endelessly backgrounds and do energy work WITHOUT any success, as long as the material level is not taken care of, or if we continue to eat the incompatible food regularly.


Body, soul and spirit balance themselves out when we regularly detoxify, leave out intolerable food and then abundantly supply our body with what it needs. Doing that, it is much easier to open up to the I am consciousness and embody the light and love that we really are! Of course there are also blockages on the soul and mind level which I will adress in following articels.


One tip comes to mind for the dark season, which in Germany often runs from October to April: a therapeutic daylight lamp works wonders, raises the mood, lets energy and energy rise again and the seasonal low of the mood is a thing of the past. We just lack sunlight … it’s so simple, instead of looking for psychological topics, backgrounds or core beliefs, the solution is sometimes very pragmatic and material.


DISCLAIMER: everything described here corresponds to my personal experience and cannot replace any medical diagnosis or therapy! Please contact the doctor or healing practitioner of your choice with all questions and inform yourself on the Internet or by means of specialist literature. Always take personal responsibility for your health! Follow my tips at your own risk.